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The Men’s Sheds – A Safe Space

Jul 3, 2018

Have you heard about men’s sheds? These are spaces dedicated to older men that aim to break their social isolation, provide them with a place to work and talk, and put them in contact with professionals who could diagnose physical or mental health problems.

By attending these clubs, older men can stay active, develop new skills, help their community, engage in recreational activities, make new friends and even discuss health issues with healthcare and social-care professionals.

A systematic review of 14 studies, including 11 from Australia, two from the United Kingdom and one from Canada, examined the effects of men’s sheds and other social activities for older men on their health and well-being. Men often have habits that pose certain health risks (alcohol and tobacco use, for example), have more difficulty in developing friendships as they get older, tend to be more socially isolated, and are less likely to join social or community groups, unlike their female counterparts. Developing social activities for older men, especially those who are lonely or socially isolated, and encouraging their participation, is therefore often complex.

The 14 studies identified in the systematic review provided answers to various questions to measure the effects of men’s sheds on the overall health of older men.

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