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Senior Men Create a Place Where Men Can Socialize

Aug 22, 2018

The Men’s Shed is a program that was started in 1996 in Australia after government health services identified the  problem of senior men self-isolating themselves. The goal was to create a place where men could go hang out, work on projects, share a cup of coffee and socialize without pressure. “There are over 1000 ‘Sheds’ in Australia, with over 100,000 men involved,” says Art a founding member of the local club.

The Kelowna based Okanagan Men’s Shed was the second in Canada, and first in BC to open its doors using the same key principles.
“In Australia they describe it as, women will talk face to face with other women any place, any time, whereas men talk shoulder to shoulder to the object on the table.” In other words, men find it easier to talk while working on a project, so if you’re sanding pieces of a birdhouse or taking apart an engine, you might talk casually develop a conversation that wouldn’t otherwise happen.

The projects they work on benefit the community like shaping pieces for birdhouse kits for seniors in recreational therapy at  Cottonwoods and toolboxes for kids to assemble for Father’s Day. They’ve also been tasked by one of the churches in town to build
‘blessing boxes’ to put around the community where people can put food into them for those in need.

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