May 2021 Bulletin

May 6, 2021

Effective May 10 2021:

We are working on a next phase partial open for the Shed at Helen’s Acres.

  • The shop area will be open regular hours to a limited number of members at any time.
  • Please limit the people in the shop area to 5 and the lunch room to 3. Outdoor activities will depend on the weather and activities, potentially unlimited numbers. Common sense should prevail.
  • Normal social distance and mask protocols should be maintained
  • The ‘kitchen area’ and coffee pot will not be in use, bring your own water and beverages, lunches.
  • Fresh water, hot and cold, is available, for your own use and protection. Please leave the sink clean and ready for the next person. Only water and soap into the drain as it is not a sanitary sewer.
  • Hand sanitizer is available.
  • The shop equipment and tools should be treated with sanitizing wipes and/or spray during use and at the end of the day.
    • Visitors and clients are welcome, the same guidelines apply.
    • Coffee, conversation, cards, crosswords, casual type activity
    • Members and guests can catch up and see what is happening
    • Masks are mandatory where social distance can not be maintained. There is lots of room to spread out to enjoy cookies, coffee (or tea)
    • Courtesy and consideration should help to build this and allow it to continue during the Covid situation.

Help is needed and appreciated for a number of current projects:

  1. Food for Thought needs some more planters
  2. Helen’s Acres needs a large number of small boxes, design to be developed.
  3. Society of Hope is looking for some specialized benches
  4. Hospice house asked for our help with refinishing some benches

Other projects are likely to come along, especially when the word gets out that we are open again.


Some of the work may be in the shop, as much as possible could be outdoors.  Hospice House may be off premises depending on the job to be done.