Men’s Sheds are growing

In the few years since the Men’s Sheds idea started to become formalized and recognized in Australia until now, the needs and benefits have become recognized and accepted in many countries. The concept is still new to many and the idea that such a program is needed and beneficial is finding skepticism and denial just like many new ideas. Slowly in some cases, quickly in others, the obstacles are being put aside and new Sheds are being established and supported.

In Canada, there are now over twenty sheds, growing from one in 2012. In a similar time window, Ireland grew from one trial to over 250 in less than five years; Great Britain established several hundred in five years. The difference is the degree of support from the various levels of government and the recognition of cost benefits and a return of support through health service agencies.

Men’s Sheds are being established in many countries in Europe, New Zealand, United States and elsewhere. Australia has established approximately 1000 sheds with about 100,000 members and is recognizing cost benefits in the delivery and quality of many health services to senior and aboriginal males.