Men’s Activity Centre Program

The Okanagan Men’s Sheds facilitates a Men’s Activity Centre Program which has been expanding in Kelowna since 2013 and is gaining recognition and acceptance in the community as an effective program for men at risk of social isolation due to critical life transitions. There are limited options available to men interested in hands on constructive activities which provide them with a sense of purpose and achievement.

Expanding on this base are community service projects, workshop projects and opportunities through mentoring; use of facilities which encourage new personal interest projects. Community service projects are usually initiated by a request from a church or community service organization for help with a project or program.

The program extends to work with Interior Health counselling services, Canadian Mental Health and other agencies to provide a ‘post graduation’ social and activity opportunity for some of their male clients. This allows the client to move on with his life and makes a space for another person in the health services program.

We have developed the networks and reputation which encourages support from the various agencies and partners. To be sustainable and able to continue to encourage participation of members and others, to continue to assist community service providers and to maintain a valued presence in the community, these revenues need to be supplemented by external sources.