Bulletin board

August 1 2020
We are working on a next phase partial open.

  • Normal social distance and mask protocols should be maintained.
  • The shop area will be open regular hours to a limited number of members at any time.
  • Please limit the people in the shop area to 5 and the lunch room to 3.
  • The ‘kitchen area’ and coffee pot will not be in use, bring your own water and beverages, lunches.
  • A hand wash station is available, please use it regularly for your own protection and leave it clean and ready for the next person.
  • Hand sanitizer is available.
  • The shop equipment and tools should be treated with sanitizing wipes and/or spray during use and at the end of the day. Spray Nine is preferred to alcohol based sanitizers as it is safer.
  • Visitors and clients are welcome, the same guidelines apply.