The Okanagan Men’s Sheds Association was registered as a non-profit society in British Columbia in 2013 to develop a Men’s Sheds program in the Okanagan area.

After Winnipeg, the OKMSA is one of the first sheds to be established in Canada, following a large and growing movement in Australia, Ireland, Great Britain and New Zealand. A significant number of other Sheds are now established or developing in BC and across Canada.

Our approach has been:

  • to see if there is a need
  • to see if there is a local interest
  • to see if there is support

We are now confident of the needs and potential benefits to the community and the interest to support the program.

Now we are striving to develop a pilot shed project and using this pilot to;

  • prove the concept in this area
  • increase the participation of men in the area
  • confirm the needs, benefits and interest
  • to establish the standards and develop the resources
  • to expand awareness and interest through demonstration

The essential next step is to establish this ‘SHOW ME’ place.


We are a group of men who get together in a safe and friendly environment to socialize and to engage in common interests.

We work on community projects and other activities that are determined by the interests of the men in the group. Some examples of possible activities are: woodworking, gardening, cooking, bike repair, golfing, and so on.

New members are always welcome. The shed is open to men of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.



We believe that men can live longer, healthier and happier lives in the Okanagan by:

  • enjoying the comraderie of other men with similar interests
  • applying our combined knowledge, experience and skills
  • sharing stories
  • mentoring others
  • finding new opportunities and interests
  • stimulating imaginations, new challenges
  • rejuvenating spirits and
  • having fun